The Farm

Located within Vancouver Island’s beautiful Cowichan Valley is Dancing Dandelion Farms, hosting fields of flourishing flowers and an abundance of vegetables. The 5-acre farm is the shared dream of Kailli and Zach, first generation farmers who are excited to take care of the land while creating local beauty and bounty for the community.


The Farmers

Kailli Pigott

Kailli has always had a passion for the beauty in nature. When she was first introduced to the world of botany during university, it was like stepping into a whole new world for her. Every time she learned about a new facet of the botanical world she was amazed, whether it was viewing tiny star-shaped hairs on a leaf through a microscope or peering into the inner anatomy of a tomato cross-section.  This led Kailli into a career path as a vegetation ecologist working as an environmental consultant. While Kailli was quite fond of this line of work, she often found herself craving more of a hands-on experience. This led Kailli to spend a lot of late nights in her basement reading about herbal medicines, sustainable agriculture, organic growing and just about anything she could get her hands on in order to prepare herself for a new goal of growing food and flowers for herself and her community.

Zach Johnston

Zach is the farm’s jack-of-all-trades. He is a strong believer in the healing properties of nature and living in the moment. He found himself to be getting farther away from these ideals while working as a chemical operator in the city. Farming allows him to fulfill these beliefs, while also presenting challenges and opportunities for constant growth. Zach can be found in the fields tackling the latest obstacles on the farm, or just taking a rest to watch a honeybee cruise from flower to flower.

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  • Project Type Photography
  • Camera Cannon 5D
  • Year 2013