2019 Growing Season

Dancing Dandelion Farms is growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers in 2019. Each crop has been carefully chosen for taste, beauty and suitability for our climate. We strive to grow a diverse array of products that complement one another on the landscape.

Flowers – bouquets and edible

Why we grow them: Flowers are an integral part of brightening our society and are often a part of the most important aspects of our lives, including weddings, births, funerals or small gestures to improve someone’s day. Our flowers are chosen to provide pollinators with a steady supply of pollen and nectar throughout the season. We believe in reducing the environmental cost associated with importing out-of-season, pesticide-covered flowers that are transported thousands of kilometers from other countries (Find out more here and here). The flowers we sell are grown locally on our farm free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Sunflower – Dahlia – Calendula – Cosmo – Yarrow – Cornflower – Celosia – Amaranth – Larkspur –  Zinnia – Nasturtium – Viola – Lavender – Tulips – Ranunculus – Anemone – Poppy – Snapdragon – Sweet Pea – and more…


Why we grow them: We grow herbs, not only for their unique flavours, but also because of their companionship to other plants and usefulness in naturally deterring pests.

Cilantro – Dill – Mint – Sage – Rosemary – Lavender – Chamomile

Pea Microgreens

Why we grow them: These tiny gems are both packed with nutrition and add a splash of colour to garnish your favourite dish. They are also delicious to eat on their own as a salad. What are microgreens, you might ask? Microgreens are similar to sprouts, but they are grown in soil rather than water. They are also allowed to grow a little longer, sometimes allowing them to form true leaves.

Vegetables and Fruit

Why we grow them: This year, we are focusing on our favourite tasty and nutritious vegetables and fruit. For example, we will be growing garlic, which is famous for its traditional use in lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system, and preventing some types of cancer.

Garlic – Tomatoes – Carrots – Beets – Squash – Beans – Peas – Onions – Melons – Strawberries – and more…