Why We Farm

We knew that taking the leap into farming wasn’t going to be easy, but it was the lifestyle we knew we wanted to live. We both believe that, as humans, we have a niche to play in our worldwide ecosystem, just as any other species does. While we are only two small beings, relatively insignificant in the larger world and even more minuscule in the larger universe, we believe that every species and every individual contributes to the resulting environment we live in. Therefore, we adopted the goal of doing what we can to contribute positively to the world’s biological network. Our values are simple:

  • Care for our environment by using low impact growing techniques.
  • Recognize the beauty in nature and changes in the seasons.
  • Provide education to others about our findings as we go through our farm journey.
  • Increase the biodiversity of our land and emulate aspects of nature into our farming techniques.
  • Uphold our commitment to ethical and honest practices.

Care For Our Environment

We grow using minimum tillage on permanent beds. To do so, we use a two-wheeled tractor that only breaks ground every few years to reshape the beds. Most farm work is done using hand tools. We do not believe in using synthetic pesticides or herbicides and instead use mechanisms such as row cover, crop rotation, weed barriers, building healthy soil and creating environments for beneficial insects to control pests and weeds. Healthy soil is created by increasing organic matter through cover cropping and composting.

Recognize The Beauty In Nature

Our cut flower bouquets are influenced by what inspires us. Our goal is to create funky arrangements that cause the eye to move to each piece of the composition. By incorporating unique elements into our designs we hope to create something thrilling. If this means breaking the rules, we’re prepared to do that!

Positively Impact Our Community

Small-scale local farms provide the freshest produce. Flowers are harvested as close to sales days as possible with little to no transportation required. As small-scale farmers in our community, we want to provide high quality food that we are proud to serve.

Provide Education To Others

As we learn more about stewardship of our land and sustainable farming practices, we want to share this information. We look forward to having workshops at our farm and, of course, feel free to ask us questions when you see us!

Increase The Biodiversity Of Our Land

Most of our land is currently tame grass and pasture. We want to transform the land into a habitat for insects, wildlife, and plants. By striking a balance between controlling the environment for our production and allowing nature to take over, we believe the biodiversity of our land will increase. We will track the different species of life that we see over the years.

Commitment To Being Honest

As farmers, our pledge is to be honest and upfront with our customers. We aspire to build a trusting, meaningful relationship with our valued customers.